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What actually is cocoa butter? What is it good for?
It is a quality healthy fat that comes from cocoa fruit and has a pale cream colour. It is pressed from cocoa seeds, pulp and cocoa beans. It has a neutral taste and a wonderful chocolate scent.

It separates from the cocoa mass by pressing. The cocoa mass is processed further to cocoa powder. Therefore, most cocoa powders you find in the shop have a label - "low fat cocoa powder". This does not mean this cocoa is good for loosing weight, but only that it is cheap and has less nutritional value, because all the healthy fat has almost completely been removed from it.

However, cocoa powder in our e-shop contains it. The percentage of cocoa butter share shows the number after the product name 10/12 or 20/22.

We offer cocoa butter in the form of fractions.
It is available in two variants, at the same price: natural or deodorized - without typical scent.

Deodorized cocoa butter is suitable for cooking meals that the chocolate smell would not be appropriate for.