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100g Green Coffee - Arabica


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Green coffee beans of the Arabica variety

The coffee originates from the south of Ecuador, the Loja province. It is grown on small fields up to the altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level. This microclimatic conditions greatly influence the quality of the coffee and thanks to them it acquires its distinctive aroma and taste.

The green coffee is usually intended for roasting. You can do it all by yourself at home - use the frying pan or oven - and you will get your own freshly roasted coffee.

Nowadays it is modern to drink even the green coffee. So if you want to prepare green coffee drink, just rinse the green beans well with water and than pour the boiling water over them and let it infuse for about 10-15 minutes. The drink is of very subtle taste.

Or there is another possibility - The RAW Green Coffee drink - it takes more time to prepare, but it is worth it. Just rinse the green beans well and let them stand in a jar of fresh water for about 12 hours. If you do it in the evening, your drink will await you ready for your breakfast. Remember to strain it before drinking, to get rid of the beans.

Warning: Green coffee beans are not suitable for grinding, they must be used in the whole for drink preparation. If you intend to drink the green coffee, remember to flush the beans thoroughly before usage.