Chocolate is one of the most popular /and not only for kids/ food in the world - it accounts allegedly for up to 1% of the Western population's diet.

Unfortunately, the common, mass produced chocolate is made by:

  • roasting
  • liquefaction
  • grinding

and subsequent mixing of the cocoa beans with 

  • refined sugar
  • additives
  • hydrogenated fats
  • preservatives
  • and some other tasty chemicals

Therefore, at the end there is practically nothing left of the original nutritional value of natural raw cocoa beans...

On the contrary, due to sugar and all the additives, we have a food full of empty calories, that cannot be at any count considered healthy.

 The best way to utilise the nutritional potential of cocoa,
is to eat it in its purest form, right as the nature has intended it.  

The chocolate we offer, only consists of the natural ingredients - cocoa mass and cocoa butter from the cocoa tree /Theobroma cacao/.

To add some sweet taste, the producer uses panela - hardened organic sugar cane juice.

Al the ingredients come from Ecuador.

This CHOCOLATE is different from all the chocolates you have tasted so far.

As the basic ingredient for its production, the RAW cocoa beans from Ecuador are used. The chocolate is manufactured in the family owned little factory - Čokoládovna Troubelice - located in the region of Moravia in Czech Republic. 
Thus every small chocolate bar is an original. 

The chocolate does not contain any other fat except the cocoa butter - so you will not find any hydrogenated fat in it, nor does it need any aromatic substances for smell and taste improvement, nor any preservatives, artifical colourings, emulgators /soya lecithine/, nor the refined sugar.

As a sweetener the panela is used - the organic sugar cane juice, which never gone through the process of refining and thus retains the natural content of treacle altogether with the minerals and vitamins. Panela adds the honey-like flavour to the chocolate and the cocoa butter contributes with its heavenly scent.