The quality of chocolate depends mainly on the quality of the ingredients used to produce it. The main ingredient for the manufacture of the chocolate we offer you in this e-shop are the RAW cocoa beans from Ecuador, South America.

The chocolate is manufactured in the family owned little factory - Čokoládovna Troubelice - located in the region of Moravia in Czech Republic. 

The manufacturer's approach to the issue of the impact of the chocolate on our health is very responsible.

The chocolate is free from any refined sugar. To add the sweet taste, the manufacturer uses the organic dried sugar cane juice, which is called in its country of origin - Panela. This healthy sweetener from Ecuador contains about 5-times more minerals than brown sugar. These are especially - calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. In addition it contains vitamins A, C, D, E and some of the vitamin B group. Panela is produced the natural way, without any chemical processes. 

The manufacturer tries to preserve the traditional flavour and aroma of chocolate. He does not use preservatives, artificial dyes, emulsifier - soya lecithin, or aromatics to enhance the aroma. The traditional natural scent of chocolate provides cocoa butter that is contained in cocoa beans. Products do not contain gluten. 

Cocoa butter is the only fat that this chocolate contains. It contributes to the typical chocolate smell and softness. Thus the quality chocolate does not contain any substitutes in the form of vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats.

Basic manufacture process:

NOTE: The processing temperature does not exceed 42 °C.

  • Cocoa beans are manually sorted, then crushed and peeled off. By this process the cocoa mass is made.

  • The cocoa mass is inserted into the melanger machine, where the other ingredients are added - cocoa butter for softening, the panela as a sweetener, and then other ingredients according to the chocolate type, i.e. milk powder for milk chocolate or other interesting and unconventional ingredients that you can read about at each kind of chocolate bar pages. We do not want to ruin your moment of surprise.

  • Then everything is mixed and kneaded with the granite stones that are part of the melanger machine pot. This makes chocolate gradually softer. This process takes several dozen hours. Afterwards the chocolate is poured into stainless steel containers where it solidifies. 

  • Subsequently, the chocolate is placed in the tempering machine where it is heated and then cooled again, which is the tempering process. Each type of chocolate has a different tempering temperature. Thanks to this process, chocolate is crunchy and has shiny surface.

  • Then the chocolate is poured into moulds that are stored in a cold place. As soon as it has solidified, it is flipped out of the moulds and left for at least one day to rest before wrapping in the packaging in which you buy it.