18g White Chocolate Heart 40%


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White Chocolate Heart 40%

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, panela - organic sugar cane juice
Cocoa butter content 40%
No lecithin added, Gluten free

Genuine true white chocolate made of natural ingredients without additives.

This white chocolate contains 40% of cocoa butter, as natural part of cocoa beans and has a distinctive typical chocolate flavour, and it no longer necessary to add flavour or additives.

The white was never chocolate enough, was it? Never had the proper taste. Of course it never did, it had nothing to do with chocolate, it did not even contain any cocoa. Just some fat and a lot of sugar…and who knows what else.
But this is not the case anymore - you'll love this white chocolate for the first bite. The percentage behind the name indicates the content of cocoa solids. Yes, this white chocolate contains something of cocoa beens. It's cocoa butter, the unique healthy fat that causes the irresistible scent of the chocolate. Unfortunately in common chocolate, it is usually replaced by cheap and unhealthy saturated fats.

Quality chocolate in a nice wrap - small gift for the great joy ...