120g White Chocolate 40%


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Ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, panela - organic sugar cane juice
Cocoa butter content 40%
No lecithin added, Gluten free

Chocolate in a gift wrapping, not only tastes great, but also looks beautiful even after unpacking it. On the white chocolate surface, there is a bas-relief made of dark chocolate with the theme of cocoa beans. On the back of the cover, there is a place for inserting a business card or a card with text - birthday or holiday wish, you can write it yourself on the blank card provided, or replace it.

Made of the highest quality cocoa beans from Ecuador, according to the recipe of the family company Chocolate factory in Troubelice, Moravia.

Genuine true white chocolate made of natural ingredients without additives.

The flavour and scent of cocoa butter is real and truly irresistible, there is NO NEED TO ADD any saturated fats, lecithin or artificial flavours and scents like ethyl vanillin. Chocolate is sweetened with organic cane juice - panela.