5g Green Chocolate Wheel


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Green Chocolate Wheel - white chocolate 40% with spirulina

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, panela - organic sugar cane juice, spirulina /at least 1%/
Cocoa butter content 40%
No lecithin added, Gluten free

Have you ever seen green chocolate? Would you care for a try? Maybe your children will have more courage! And it will only be good for them. With this unconventional chocolate they will eat spirulina, an algae that contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. And they eat it voluntarily.

The taste is great and also the scent is wonderful. It's because of cocoa butter, the unique healthy fat that causes the irresistible scent of the chocolate. Unfortunately in common chocolate, it is usually replaced by cheap and unhealthy saturated fats.

We will make special chocolate wheels with your customised graphic - promotional items or gifts - please, contact us.