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45g Milk Chocolate 51% with Guarana


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Delicious milk chocolate has a real chocolate flavour and scent from the cocoa butter and a subtle sweet taste from panela - dried cane juice. Compared to ordinary milk chocolate, it has an increased share of cocoa solids (at least 51%).

Chocolate with guarana combines the taste of chocolate and the miraculous plant from Brazilian forest - guarana. Guarana is a natural source of energy, it has stimulating effects, promotes stamina and suppresses physical fatigue. It also increases intellectual performance, concentration and learning ability.
This chocolate is recommended for students, drivers, and for all who are working hard and long. It is also good for sportsmen and suitable for children. It has a pleasant taste and guarana is a natural substance and does not cause addiction.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk powder, panela - organic sugar cane juice, guarana /at least 3%/
Cocoa solids content 51%
No lecithin added
Gluten free
Contains allergen - milk

Made in Czech Republic