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Physalis peruviana /also called Uvilla/ is fruit, you have probably never heard of. Now you have a chance to try it. It is actually very tasty and healthy.

The fruit is a berry that looks like a small, round golden yellow tomato up to 2 cm in diameter. Inside you find tiny flat seeds surrounded with juicy delicious pulp. It has mildly tart and sweet flavour.

Dried berries visually resemble sultanas, but the taste is different. They contain vitamin C /4-times more than orange/, vitamin A, vitamins B2, B3, calcium and fibre.
In natural healing, it is used for detoxication, slimming, and against cold.

Dried fruit in our offer is natural quality, that means it does not contain any additives - no chemical preservatives, no sulphur, no sugar added.

It dries at low temperatures, so it complies with the conditions for RAW quality.

Country of origin: Ecuador