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Panela - ORGANIC cane juice

Panela is a hardened sugar cane juice. It is a healthy sweetener you can replace sugar with. It has a wide range of flavours and aromas. It is best to try it for the first time in your daily cup of tea, but it can also be used for everyday cooking and baking.

This healthy sweetener can be purchased here in 500g package.

Country of origin: Ecuador

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrition Declaration per 100g

Energy 1680kJ / 396kcal

Fat  0,65g

of which saturates 0,22g

Carbohydrates   97,0g

of which sugars  69,31g

Fibre < 0,10 %

Protein 0,47g

Salt 0,053g 

The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.